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Pallet Racking: After Sales Service, Safety & Maintenance by Storage Ideas


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Storage Ideas treat safety as a top priority and offers a number of Safety & Maintenance products and services.

  • Reduce Damage with Heavy Duty Front Impact Beam

A new Colby beam has been developed with a rib in the centre to stop damage being caused by frontal impact from accidental collision. This new, patented concept might not be the prettiest beam on the market, but it sure does a great job of reducing damage.

  • Peace of mind with RackMAN Certification

RackMAN is a proprietary software tool designed by some of the world's leading structural engineers. RackMAN certification means that your system will meet the necessary safety standards. It will give you the peace of mind to know that your goods and your staff are secure in your Colby installation.

  • Safety Signs Improve Warehouse Safety

All new installations come complete with signage detailing safe operation. We meet all standards and take into account bay and column loads. Rest assured, all products meet the highest standards of safety.

  • Protect Pallet Racking with Colby Protect-a-RACK

Protecting pallet rack is one area of warehouse safety that is often neglected. Applying the principle “prevention is better than a cure”, Storage Ideas offers a number of rack protection systems to prevent accidental pallet racking damage from forklifts.

Colby Protect-a-RACK has been shown to outperform traditional steel and plastic rack protection systems because of its unique design and tapered profile.

Designed to be fitted to just about any type of pallet-racking, it simply slips over and is bolted directly to the front face of a rack upright eliminating the need to install masonry anchors in the floor.

  • Meet Safety Standards with Rack Safety Inspections

Pallet racking and storage systems can change over time due to damage, extensions and re-configurations.

Storage Ideas offers a Rack Safety Inspection & Repair Service to ensure compliance with OH&S standards and requirements, including:

Rack Safety Inspection and Report detailing the nature and location of any faults detected

Recommended action for any faults detected to ensure serviceability and safety of rack is maintained.

Quotation to carry out recommendations and rectifications required

The main hazards that usually require attention are:

  • Physical damage to racking
  • Mis-alignment of racking
  • Looseness of floor fittings
  • Suitability of forklift trucks
  • Weight of stored goods versus capacity of racking system
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