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STOCKCAP has an extensive range of thousands of caps and plugs in stock for immediate delivery including hi-temperature masking:
  • Caps
  • Plugs
  • Tapes
  • Discs
STOCKCAP Protective Caps and Plugs
STOCKCAP plastic tube inserts range caters for RHS, SHS and CHS with stock sizes from 13mm up to 100mm for a variety of wall thicknesses.

Other features include:
  • Plastic, rubber and vinyl plugs and end caps are available for threaded and non-threaded applications
  • STOCKCAP can also manufacture custom protective closures to your exact dimensional and material specifications
  • Plus STOCKCAP provide fully functioning low-cost prototypes to test in your application before investing in full production tooling
Plastic, Silicone and Rubber Caps and Plugs
STOCKCAP's huge range of caps and plugs include:
  • Hard Plastic Caps
  • Plastic End Caps
  • Plastic Plugs
  • Hole Plugs
  • Pipe Plugs
  • Rubber Stoppers
  • Silicone Rubber Caps
  • Rubber Plugs
  • Threaded Caps
  • Tube Caps
  • Tube Plugs
  • Vinyl Caps

STOCKCAP offer a wide selections of caps and plugs for all applications.

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Question: 15/10/14 - We have a tapered plug similar to themoney box plug, but it is red in colour. We do have a silicone plug which issolid and a clear/opaque colour but it ... read more
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28/03/11 - STOCKCAP introduces a new range of heatshrink end caps in new sizes.
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