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New battery-monitor ICs from ST Microelectronics help batteries in handhelds run longer

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article image STC3105 battery-monitor ICs for handhelds

Global semiconductors specialist and leading manufacturer of standard ICs, ST Microelectronics introduces a new battery monitoring ‘gas gauge’ for handheld applications.  

ST’s STC3105 is a new range of battery-monitor ICs that combine a small footprint with excellent measurement accuracy and low power consumption to increase runtime and lifespan of batteries in mobile phones, multimedia players, digital cameras and various space-constrained portable gadgets.  

ST’s new battery-monitor ICs deliver high-precision measurement of the battery voltage and current in a 2mm x 3mm x 0.8mm package. Using open-circuit voltage and coulomb-counter methods, the ICs estimate battery capacity as well as supervise and track charge/discharge status.  

Battery lifespan in portable devices is extended thanks to the IC’s accurate predictions of the battery state of charge and time-to-empty, which help avoid unnecessary re-charging and extend operating time between charges.  

Key benefits of STC3105 battery-monitor ICs:  

  • Low supply-current requirements, typically 60 µA, extend battery runtime and lifespan
  • Power-saving mode reduces IC’s current consumption and enables low standby-power levels in the final application
  • Programmable alarm output can be integrated to alert the system when the battery state of charge is below a certain level
  • Embedded intelligence helps initiate appropriate power management actions when the battery is nearly empty without involving the microcontroller
  • Enables system microcontroller to spend longer time in sleep mode decreasing overall power consumption

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