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The Max-Matics™ GPS+ antennas from PCTel have been designed to provide maximum performance and versatility for telematics applications, including fleet monitoring and asset tracking. 
By combining the high performance of a GPS antenna with the flexibility to add virtually any PCTel permanent mount compatible mobile antenna, the GPS+ provides reliable, real-time wireless voice and data coverage for fleet monitoring applications. This antenna is designed to facilitate installation. It includes all necessary hardware for “blind” installations when removal of the vehicle’s headliner is not desired.

  • Combination GPS/mobile antenna design provides GPS tracking coverage and voice/data wireless coverage capabilities for fleet monitoring or fleet tracking applications.
  • UV-stable housing features attractive industrial design that is available in off-white or black textured finishes.
  • 3 or 5 Vdc operating voltage supply enables operation with most GPS systems on the market.
  • Several models are available, including trunk lid mount, permanent stud mount, mirror mount or magent mount versions.
  • Various connector options are available for both the GPS antenna and the mobile antenna's permanent mount.
Its precise performance and ease of installation provides outstanding value and flexibility for the most demanding wireless mobile applications.
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