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Steamaster’s new Gum Blasters raise the bar for chewing gum removal

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Leading industrial and commercial cleaning equipment supplier, Steamaster Australia introduces the new Gum Blaster, a range of high-end chewing gum removal tools for cleaning professionals.

Managing Director Tam Le explains that the Gum Blaster has the unique ability to clean, collect as well as contain sticky chewing gum, making it one of the most effective gum removal devices available in the market.

Used in conjunction with hot water pressure washers, Gum Blasters are attached to the end of a pressure washer lance. The tool is simply positioned above the chewing gum, and with a pull of a trigger, it will then move back and forth over the problem area, agitating and lifting the gum.

Simultaneously, 18 in-built pressure intensifying needle jets will concentrate the water flow from the pressure washer onto the affected area, quickly dislodging and removing the hardened chewing gum. A collection chamber in the Gum Blaster stores the dislodged pieces of chewing gum before disposal for a no-mess clean. Situated at the front of the tool, the collection chamber is easily emptied by detaching one of the plugs.

The Gum Blaster is designed to prevent any overspill or pooling of excess water after cleaning, leaving surfaces completely gum-free and spotless.

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