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Electric pressure washers or fuel pressure washers?

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Commercial cleaning equipment specialist Steamaster Australia lists out the differences between electric pressure washers and fuel-driven pressure washers to address the challenges faced by prospective buyers in choosing between the two models.

A range of differences exists between electric pressure washers and petrol or diesel pressure washers. Once the differences are understood, the buyer can easily determine the type most suitable for their specific cleaning situation.


Being smaller and lighter in construction, electric pressure washers are easier to carry around. Though diesel and petrol pressure washers are heavier, they don’t require access to an electrical outlet like electric versions do and are therefore, much more portable and better suited for outdoor cleaning.

Noise levels

Electric pressure washers are designed to produce significantly lower noise levels. While petrol and diesel pressure washers are noisier, they are also more powerful and can accomplish a cleaning job, especially of large areas or heavy-duty applications easier and faster than electric models.


Diesel and petrol pressure washers tend to last longer, but electric models cost less and require only very minimal maintenance.


Electric pressure washers are environment-friendly units as they do not produce exhaust emissions like fuel powered machines do, allowing their use in indoor as well as outdoor cleaning applications.

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