Remove Oil from Water with CJC™ Blue Baleen Oil Absorb System


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The discharge of oil in water is harmful to the environment and regulations on contamination levels are increasingly strict. The CJC™ Blue Baleen System’s unique filtering capabilities absorbs oil from bilge water to a value of 5 ppm or lower, resulting in less maintenance, increased productivity and environmentally friendly operations.

The CJC™ Blue Baleen Oil Absorb is made with 100% organic and recyclable materials

  • Ensures compliance with the environmental regulations
  • Ensures environmentally friendly operations
  • Safeguard against pollution
  • Cleans bilge water to below 5 ppm oil content
  • Enables a new ISO 14001 target
  • Enables a positive profile with Port State officials

Internationally recognised, the CJC™ Oil Absorb System maintains a pristine mechanical system

  • Enhanced discharge capacity
  • Easy to use – minimal maintenance
  • Reduced production costs and low operational costs
  • Easy to install and limited space requirements
  • Greater oil holding capacity

From the STAUFF Corporation, the CJC™ Blue Baleen Oil Absorb System separates the mixed water and oil and polishes bilge water clean enough to be discharged into the sea, creating a reliable, eco-friendly solution to contamination levels in industrial processes.

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