Stalam RF 85 kW Rapid Defrosting Machine

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Stalam offers tempering, softening and defrosting systems for food products including, meat, poultry, seafood, and vegetables.


Stainless Steel Defrosting Equipment with Radio Frequency (RF) at 27.12 MHz 

Stalam radio frequency defrosting machines are built with AISI 304 / 316 stainless steel, exposed to passivation and pickling treatments to ensure corrosion resistance. 

  • Simple to clean with easy access to the Intralox conveyor belt

  • The conveyor belt incorporates a tunnel basement and washing system with pre-washing unit

  • Full access via side panel doors for interior cleaning

  • Many product recipes can be completed using the PLC control system

  • Available in 10kW to 105 kW (output RF power values)

  • Models can be put together for greater volumes of production


Defrosts large volumes of food in minutes

Food is defrosted to the right temperature within minutes.  

  • Products do not have to be removed from packaging

  • High speed and consistent processing prevents product loss such as dripping and bacteria growth

  • Radio frequency heating provides flexible production scheduling

  • The defrosting process is not affected by weather or environment conditions

  • A wide conveyor belt (up to 180cm) ensures large volumes of product can be defrosted quickly

Stalam RF defrosting systems are save space as well as time, using less floor space than standard defrosting equipment.

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