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Kamekura Dual Strut Cutting Cassette Range

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Stainelec Hydraulic Equipment now offer dual cutting cassette profiles for UniStrut material.

The standard common sizes Stainelec offer in this range is 41 x 41 x 41 and 21 x 41 x 21 for dual cutting applications. These cutting cassettes are designed and precision manufactured for use with the electric M-40L & cordless M-40LB strut cutting tools. These cutting cassettes can be supplied to suit the customers profile of strut material in most brand name strut manufacturers of suspension systems. The M-40L & M-40LB strut cutters are WH&S compliant, protecting the user from common dangers found in alternative cutting methods such as abrasive and saw cutting applications.

When these cutters are in use they do not produce particle debris, deburring or mess after completing the cut. These units develop maximum 10 tons of hydraulic pressure when in operation and can be fixed to 3 different working positions allowing flexibility for the operator. We offer both electric 230 Volt and cordless 18 Volt Hitachi Li Ion battery models, with Hitachi chargers available in 120 Volt and 230 Volt variations. Also available is the manual M-400 hydraulic strut cutter per customers request. The Kamekura strut cutter series is designed and manufactured in Japan and is widely used in global construction industries.

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