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Stainelec Hydraulic imports with nearly 40 years experience in hydraulics markets and distributes quality precision equipment to the Metal Fabrication, Construction & Building, Plumbing, Electrical and Switchboard Industries.

Strut Cutting Units – Electric and Cordless Hydraulic

  • Ideal for cutting strut material
  • motor casing can be adjusted to three working positions
  • housed tutting blades within cassette
  • suitable for mild steel or stainless steel material

Threaded Rod Cutters

 The DW-404 electic hydraulic and DW-408B cordless hydraulic threaded rod cutters

  • Cuts cleanly on both sides of threaded rod with no damage enabling nuts to be screwed on either side with ease
  • extremely reliable, powerful and easy to use
  • Both units feature a locking pin system that enables the user to switch and change cutting dies in a matter of seconds
  • Can cut U.S. thread sizes; 3/8UNC & 1/2"UNC mild steel and stainless steel threaded rod

M-40CR Strut Puncher 

  • Weighs 5kgs, compact hydraulic powered puncher offers portable operation
  • suitable for factory and on-site operations
  • M-40CR puncher is capable of punching stainless steel and mild steel materials at a maximum thickness of 3.2mm
  • Punch and die sets from 4.5mm to 13.5mm diameter
  • Offers the ability to punch holes easily and with higher productivity as opposed to drilling applications

These Kamekura Threaded Rod Cutters, Strut Cutters and Strut Hole Punchers are versatile tools suited to trades in Electrical Installations, Air conditioning Installers, The Plumbing Industry, Plant and Engineering Fitters and many other on site applications. 

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