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Squattle valve and closure system

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article image Squattle can also be used in rigid containers.

SQUATTLE's floating valve, contained within a closure or liquid package, allows for an automated seal when a flexible package is compressed.

The liquid is displaced upon compression rising the floatation valve into a seat, effectively providing hydraulic lock and a continued vacuum seal throughout consumption.

The removal of air within a liquid reduces the oxidation that occurs when an air lock or headspace is present. The valve has application regardless of the liquid in the package from juices, milk, beverages, wines, to oils, chemicals, medicines, liquid foods or fertilisers.

The valve and closure provides longer life of liquid products, it also retains high quality of liquids. The bottle compresses to 60%-80% or original volume for greater household or venue recycling of package. It provides high integrity sealing of hazardous materials at a high altitude due to internal locking valve.

It also offers cheaper transportation of package in collapsed state, a highly visual tamper evidence in rigid containers, as valve cannot be resealed; and it provides the fourth R in the recycling equation.

The other similar product line is the wine cask. The wine cask though is limited in its application, due to its fragility, the short shelf life of the bladder, and the inability to recycle the bladder.

The storage of liquids within the Squattle system allows for greater barriers in the plastic, longer shelf life provided by the barrier plastic and increased strength of the plastic for storage and transportation.

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