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One of the most critical aspects of a food processing plant is the food safety practices that have been put in place. Ensuring you are using the appropriate spray technology products and systems will assist you in achieving the highest level of food safety possible in your plant.

The AutoJet Food Safety Spray Systems utilise both PSC and PulsaJet spray nozzles fitted with UniJet spray tips to ensure safer food production while lowering operating costs. The systems are ideal for spraying antimicrobial agents on bagged whole muscle products, formed products, fresh meats, packaged poultry and sliced meat products, and can be used for effective and repeatable sanitising of conveyors and surrounding equipment.

The AutoJet Food Safety Systems ensure exact application and uniform coverage of antimicrobials and sanitisers to enhance product safety with minimal waste. The systems have been proven to effectively control the prevalence of pathogens, and can easily be incorporated into existing HACCP plans. A meat processing company assisted by Spraying Systems has been able to extend the shelf-life of its meat products by 40% since the implementation of an AutoJet Food Safety System. 

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