Eliminate Misting and Reduce Oil Usage with the AutoJet® Pan Oiling Spray System


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The AutoJet® Bread Pan Oiling Spray System is ideal for bakeries that have issues with excess oil usage and bread loaf release.

The system delivers an even and consistent spray, whilst monitoring the temperature of the oil. The pressure is automatically adjusted to compensate for any changes in liquid viscosity.

The AutoJet® Bread Pan Oiling Spray System uses custom-made spray guns that utilise air atomising nozzles whose settings can be adjusted automatically according to the size of the pan being used. Overspray is reduced by the positioning and timing settings automatically altering when pans are changed over. OH&S risks are reduced as over-sprayed oil does not accumulate on the conveyor equipment or floor.


  • Oil waste is reduced by up to 80-90%
  • Increased production
  • Volume of oil used per pan can be controlled and monitored
  • Excess cleaning costs are reduced
  • Custom-made spray guns require minimal servicing
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