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AutoJet antimicrobial spray systems from Spraying Systems Co. ensure food safety

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AutoJet antimicrobial spray systems from Spraying Systems Co. are helping meat and poultry processors ensure food safety, increase productivity and reduce chemical use during processing.

AutoJet antimicrobial spray systems help processors achieve these goals by eliminating slower, more expensive post-pasteurisation techniques. The systems have a proven track record of effectively controlling pathogens including E. coli, Salmonella and Listeria monocytogenes while reducing operating costs for processors.

AutoJet antimicrobial spray systems apply a predetermined volume of antimicrobial agent onto each product or into each package. An AutoJet spray controller together with a SprayCheck sensor monitor the liquid pressure and flow from PulsaJet automatic spray nozzles to ensure the antimicrobial is delivered in accurate quantity to each product.

Used successfully with several commercially-available topical antimicrobials, the efficacy of this patent-pending technology has been established by the USDA/ARS. The technology has been used by some customers to eliminate the need for lactates, diacetates and other internal antimicrobials entirely.

The AutoJet system finds application in bagged whole muscle products, hot dogs, links and formed products, fresh meats, packaged poultry products, as well as sliced meat and poultry products.

Key features and benefits of AutoJet antimicrobial spray systems:

  • Can be incorporated into existing HACCP plans by validating each precise antimicrobial dose
  • Closed-loop control ensures precise application of antimicrobial for consistent performance and minimal waste
  • Multiple shot sizes and timing intervals can be flexibly pre-programmed for automatic batch changes
  • Simplified validation process with optional SprayCheck sensor that confirms and documents each spray cycle
  • Pressure tank offers simple assembly/disassembly for clean-up
  • Easily integrated into existing production lines with multiple mounting options for precise nozzle positioning
  • Allows unsupervised operation to reduce labour requirement
  • Optional auto-refill/ratio panel triggers tank refill when necessary and maintains proper antimicrobial concentration

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