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Silvent F1 cooling nozzle available from Spray Nozzle Engineering

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Manufacturing processes such as milling, drilling, grinding and turning can generate unwanted heat, which can degrade both production and production tools.

Silvent have developed the F1 cooling nozzle that is designed for spot cooling while blowing away unwanted matter and dust.

The F1 cooling nozzle, available from Spray Nozzle Engineering , uses ‘frigus’ technology, making it possible to quickly and easily adjust the required air consumption and cold fraction.

The control design allows users to set air consumption in relation to the cooling required without affecting efficiency, thus conserving energy.

The F1 cooling nozzle generates a low noise level and is easy to install. A noise reduction of 72% and cost savings of 23% can be achieved through the use of the F1 cooling nozzle.

Various accessories are available for the F1 cooling nozzle, including mounting onto a bendable FlexBlow hose that maintains the F1 cooling nozzle in a desired position and allows for quick and easy adjustment.

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