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Spill Station introduces IBC spill containment units

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Spill Station Australia  is now able to provide a complete IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container/1000L) containment system that ensures customers only pay for what they want.

The IBC spill containment pallets are available in single IBC and dual IBC sizes.

The tough polyethylene construction provides good broadband chemical resistance. Both units also meet the EPA regulations that require a bund to be able to hold 110% of the contents of the large container.

Removable grates and drain plug make recovering liquids from IBC spill containment pallets easy.

The optional decanting wells are available separately and have a big 86 litre sump. With the decanting well it is possible to decant from the tap on the IBC into pails up to 25 litres.

If the tap malfunctions and the decanting well fills, the liquid will flow into the sump of the IBC spill containment pallet and prevent a serious OH&S/pollution incident.

If the IBC is being used for the collection of waste liquids such as oils and coolant, the IBC Funnel is a must. It provides a safe and large surface area to pour liquids into the tank and prevents the slip hazards associated with such liquids spilling on to the floor.

The Spill Station IBC spill containment system is completed with the inclusion of two types of covers. The first is a splatter cover. It is made from welded heavy-duty PVC.

The clear front allows the user to easily identify the liquid stored. If the tank is breeched, the liquid is intercepted by the splatter cover and directs the flow into the sump of the IBC spill containment pallet.

The second cover is a weather-proof cover. It covers the loaded IBC spill containment pallet and prevents any rainwater from entering the sump and reducing its capacity. This removes the problem of how to dispose of the rainwater in the sump that may only contain a small amount of contaminant.

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