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Drum-Top Workstation released

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If liquids are pumped out of 205 litre drums without a Drum-Top Workstation, money is wasted. Liquid accumulates on the top of the drum that needs to be soaked up and thrown away. If the liquid on the top of the drum overflows it can create a slip hazard and cause pollution.

The Drum-Top Workstation saves material, returns it fresh to the dispensing drum, and keeps the drum head clean, helping to eliminate the spread of the mess.

The Drum-Top Workstation takes seconds to install, fits 205 litre steel tight-head drums, and works with all types of rotary drum pumps. The Drum-Top Workstation is made of durable, non-corrosive and chemically resistant polyethylene. The Drum-Top Workstation helps to reduce waste removal costs and dangerous slip and fall incidents, while saving time and money. The Drum-Top Workstation pays for itself, by saving up to 4 litres of liquid per drum.

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