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Spill Station's Industrial Absorbents absorb a variety of liquids in a variety of environments to provide the best spill clean up outcome.

Highly effective general purpose absorbents

  • Cost effective and 100% natural, absorbents are suitable for absorbing oils, fuels, agricultural chemicals, coolant, and other non aggressive liquids
  • Absorbs up to 5 times its weight and removes chemical residues
  • Safe for the workplace and the environment
  • Minimise clean-up time and cut disposal cost by half
  • Mineral Sponge absorbents absorb up to 50% more that common clay based alternatives and is best suited to high wind areas where the weight of the absorbent is an advantage

Heavy duty oil and fuel spill absorbents

  • Utilising polypropylene microfibres, these can absorb up to 20 times its weight in liquid spills
  • Unique characteristics allows it to repel water and only absorb hydrocarbon
  • Ideal for absorbing oil and fuel off water and land surfaces 
  • Extensive range includes absorbent pads, blanket rolls, containment booms and pillows in various sizes

Versatile chemical spill absorbents

  • Colour coded blue for easy identification and deployment 
  • Absorbs up to 20 times its weight in acids, caustics, solvents, oils and fuels
  • Broadband chemical suitability makes it an ideal absorbent for use in areas where a variety of chemicals are used and stored
  • Regular and double weight chemical absorbent pads and blanket rolls as well as booms and pillows are available

Spill Stations extensive range of industrial absorbents are made from environmentally friendly renewable resources and absorb much quicker and more effectively then clay based absorbents. Their non-slip characteristics also provides a safer, more efficient clean-up method.

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