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These new Spill Pac Spill Kits are vacuum packed and sealed against all weather conditions; if it’s not open then it doesn’t need servicing.
Choose from a wide range of Spill Pac Spill Kits and always be spill ready. One example of the spill pac spill kits is the Combo Pac .

The combo pac is a must-have for instant response. Its 45cm x 48cmx 7.6cm size makes it so versatile that it fits just about anywhere. But don't be fooled. This little dynamo can be used to soak up to a ten gallon spill or block off a storm drain or sewer access before it racks up big fines and clean up costs. The Combo Pac offers immediate response for the unexpected.

The patented, pilfer-proof, vacuum packed design is available in three versions - or it can be customized to fit customer specifications. All of these spill pacs feature an instruction label on the back for quick and easy use. Instruction labels are fully customizable to company guidelines.

Spill Pac Spill kit description:

The Andax Pac - Combo Pac is the corner stone of the Andax Color-Coded Spill Preparedness Control Center. This Pac has everything needed to contain up to a 40 Litre spill. Vacuum packed in a tamper evident industrial barrier material, the Andax Pac Combo Pac is extremely durable and tough. In addition, the Patented Andax Pac measures a mere 45cm x 48cm x 7.6cm thick. That means it will fit right behind the driver's seat of a work vehicle, without any loss of valuable storage space.

  • Includes equipment / machinery labels for quick response
  • Helps prevent contamination of drains and waterways
  • Contain up to a 40 litre spill
  • Fully integrates with your spill response program
  • Tamper evident - secure storage of necessary materials
  • Absorbs non-aggressive chemicals, solvents and oil

Product Features:

  • Built-in convenient carry handle 
  • Customizable 
  • Optional Wall Mounting Rack 
  • Vacuum packed design

Product Applications:

  • Coolants 
  • Oils & Oil-Based Fluids 
  • Solvents

Product Specifications:

  • Absorbent Capacity: Up to 45.6 litres
  • Weight: 4.4kg


  • 20 - 43cm x 48cm Oil-Selective Pads (covers up to 4.1 sq. mtrs)
  • 3 - 7cm x 1.2m Oil-Selective Sorb-Sox (3.6mtrs)
  • 1 pr. nitrile gloves
  • 1 XL disposal bag (86cm x 1.46cm x 5 mil.) with nylon tie
  • Qty per Carton: 4 pacs
  • Size: 45cm L x 48cm W x 7.6cm Thick

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