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Specialist Lamps & Lighting offers air purifying light bulbs

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Air purifying light bulbs from Specialist Lamps & Lighting are highly innovative and reliable. These light bulbs are an innovative patented invention of Specialist Lamps & Lighting. These air purifying light bulbs are manufactured by Specialist Lamps & Lighting combining a compact fluorescent light bulb with an IONISER that eliminates the odour and cigarette smoke effectively.

Specialist Lamps & Lighting’s air purifying light bulbs can easily remove the germs, bacteria and dust. The average life of an air purifying light bulb from Specialist Lamps & Lighting is around eight thousand hours and can save up to eight percent of energy.

These air purifying light bulbs can be obtained in temp tube or watt colour with voltage fittings from Specialist Lamps & Lighting. A nine or eleven watts capacity air purifying light bulb can be obtained from Specialist Lamps & Lighting. Thirteen watts capacity light bulbs are also available at Specialist Lamps & Lighting in warm white colour.

Apart from this, Specialist Lamps & Lighting also provides data projector lamps, photographic lamps and many other lighting systems for the benefit of the customers. Specialist Lamps & Lighting is a pioneer in providing high quality projector and photographic lamps.

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