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Tonson releases new line of HTD timing pulleys

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Specialised Air Motors & Transmission (TONSON AUSTRALIA) announces a new line of HTD timing pulleys, further expanding their extensive range of pulleys.

TONSON Australia (SAMT) expects the latest addition to make it a complete one stop shop for all power transmission products and bearings.

Standard timing belts are driven through teeth that mesh with slots in a pulley, preventing slipping and vibrations, and allowing accurate timing of drives. These timing belts are more cost-effective to set up and maintain since no lubrication is required, unlike chain driven systems.

SAMT HTD timing pulleys allow higher torque and speeds compared to TONSON’s standard range of timing pulleys. High power transmission in low speed and high torque applications are achieved through optimised load distribution. Rubber belts are also supplied to suit all pulleys.

TONSON Australia (SAMT) offers a wide range of high-quality pulleys designed for optimal operation in industrial environments. All the pulleys are available in both pilot bore and taper bore; clamp plates for longer belting are also available.

TONSON Australia (SAMT) products include a complete range of Vee and timing pulleys, bearings, sprockets, chains, couplings, belts, shaft fixing, torque limiters, clutches, brakes and screw jacks for use in all major industries.

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