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Specialised air motors: An insight

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article image Tonson’s stainless steel motors and mixers are ideal for washdown duty applications

Stainless steel motors and mixers from Specialised Air Motors & Transmission (TONSON AUSTRALIA) offer several advantages especially in the food, chemical and processing industries.

Tonson’s stainless steel motors feature high IP69 protection rating; washdown duty application; oversized conduit box and bearings on both ends; and drill and tapped drains. These motors are available in frame sizes of 63-132, power range of 0.18-7.5kW; mounting options B3, B5, B14, B35; torque: 1.8-70Nm; and single/ three phase operation.

Tonson’s stainless steel mixers feature stainless steel shafts and propellers; closed drum mounts; cross tank mounts; and various mounts to suit customised drums. Custom propellers and shafts are available.

With an IP rating of IP69 as well as reliability and durability, Stallion stainless steel electric motors are suitable for almost any application. The high grade stainless steel construction enables it to exceed customers’ requirements.

Key advantages of Tonson’s stainless steel motors and mixers include extra deep protection from special O-rings (submersible) on the end-shields for double protection against water entry; entrance connector IP55 submersible cable gland provided as standard; and epoxy encapsulated head entrance conduit box to keep chemicals and moisture from entering the motor.

The stainless steel frame has high polished TIG welded inside without welds vestige outside. The stainless steel end shield is precision machined from premium 304 stainless steel and fitted by long bolts for ease of disassembly.

The stainless steel construction makes Tonson’s motors and mixers ideal for industries such as food, chemical or processing. Benefits also include easy cleaning, lower noise levels and simple maintenance.

Tonson’s stainless steel motors and mixers find application in the food processing industry, chemical and medical processing industry, conveyors and bottling industry, and boat/fishing industry, as well as in machines where water can quickly rust the hollow shaft.

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