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Spacepac Industries have the widest range of safety and security products for the Australian Workplace, including warehouse safety, road safety, crowd control products and safety guard rails for private, institutional and occupational environments.

Whether you're restricting access to a particular area, alerting employees to potential hazards or simply providing direction, signs and labels play an important role in your facility.

Industry Standard Road and Warehouse Safety 
With their wide range of signs and labels, Spacepac will meet your need in every variety of applications, sizes and materials.

Warehouse Safety
  • Bollards
  • Racking Guards
  • Safety Guard Rails
  • Convex Safety Mirrors
  • Machinery Guarding
  • Mesh Fencing
Road Safety Products
  • Speed Humps
  • Wheel Stops
  • Traffic Cones
Crowd Control Products
  • Retractable Belt Stanchions
  • Pedestrian Barricades
  • Temporary Barriers
Signs and Labels
  • Safety Signs
  • Traffic and Parking Signs
  • Sign Posts and Accessories
  • Information Signs
  • Engraved Signs
  • Pipe and Valve marking
  • Labels and Labels printer
Spacepac Industries will ship products anywhere in Australia, arrange a no obligation free quote or supply a copy of their catalogue. 

Dangerous Goods and Spills
Spacepac Industries Spill Containment Provide complete protection against damaging and costly chemical spills and also ensure your facility is prepared for emergencies and protect your workers, your equipment and the environment from potentially harmful substances with their range of dangerous goods and spill control products.

The extensive range including absorbents, spill kits, spill control pallets, signage, flammable storage cabinets and accessories will help reduce potential risks and hazards in your workplace.
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24/05/11 - Ultra-TrackPans from Spacepac Industries are modular spill containment devices used with industrial rail sidings and locomotive maintenance applications.
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07/12/10 - Spacepac Industries supplies a comprehensive range of rubber speed humps designed for diverse traffic control applications.
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11/10/10 - Installing low clearance suspended height bars from Spacepac Industries can help eliminate damage to vehicles and property caused by oversize vehicles entering areas of restricted height.
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08/10/10 - Flexible bollards from Spacepac Industries are built for high durability and finished with reflective sections to increase night visibility on turning roads.
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02/07/10 - Spacepac Industries offers the standard duty Econo-Rail barrier system, a flexible and economical pedestrian control system that can be installed easily.
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