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Huskey II AC Electric Tow Tractors from Spacepac Industries

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Spacepac Industries  introduces the Huskey II AC electric tow tractors to their Taylor-Dunn tow tractor series.  

Huskey II AC electric tow tractors are a range of material handling equipment that offers high power towing and compact manoeuvrability along with operator comfort and safety.  

Huskey II AC electric tow tractors can tow up to 13,607kg gross towed load for most trailer systems, displaying impressive performance for a tractor that measures only 39” W x 93” L (including hitch).  

The powerful towing capacity comes from an enclosed 17hp AC motor coupled to the Taylor-Dunn GT drive.  

These electric tow tractors are easy to manoeuvre with a cushion grip steering wheel and 74.5-inch turning radius. The high ratio steering gear makes controlling the tractor effortless.  

Huskey II AC tow tractor utilises a 48V electrical system equipped with a solid state controller and a drive train incorporating a 17hp DC SEM motor attached to an automotive differential to provide rugged and reliable service for years.   

Key features of Huskey II AC electric tow tractors 

  • Standard features for operator comfort include:
    • 4-wheel suspension
    • Remote lever to release the hitch
    • Suspension seat
    • Cushion grip steering wheel
    • Cup holder  
  • Standard safety features include:
    • High visibility driving position
    • Lighting includes headlight with dual brake, tail and reverse lights
    • Automatic parking brake and emergency stop switch
    • Multifunction dash display
    • Full perimeter steel plate protection  
  • Options available for flexible configurations to meet various applications
  • Tow vehicles can also be factory-modified to meet specific requirements and maintain OSHA compliance


  • Type: Electric
  • Speed: 16km/hour
  • Range: 48.3km
  • Draw bar pull: 272kg
  • Towing capacity: 13,607kg
  • Voltage: 48 volts
  • Turning radius: 189cm

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