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Spacepac Industries is a supplier for a complete range of manual and electric forklifts, walkie stackers, traction stackers, platform lifters, hydraulic reach forks and automatic pallet positioners.

Ergonomic and Easily Operated Electric Forklifts
  • Battery traction drive straddle walkie stacker can handle a load up to 1000kg and has a total lifting height of 3000mm
  • The slim body makes it ideal for material handling manoeuvring within a confined area. 
Heavy Duty Material Lifts
  • Built for heavy material such as steel beams and/or continuous work
  • This compact lift offers stronger mast design and a superior cabling system
  • The shorter mast sections allow the lifter to travel through doorways without tripping and to fit nicely into vehicles with small storage space
  • DemTruk folding and collapsible lifting trolley is designed to help you easily load your vehicle in one easy step apart from being a multi-purpose trolley
Vehicle Mounted and Standalone Waste Bin Lifts
  • Perfect for residential apartments, offices, hospitals, nursing homes, schools and local councils that has to empty wheelie bins regularly
  • Bin lifters can be mounted to vehicle or function as a standalone unit
  • Available in both manual and electric mode, these waste bin lifters are capable to take up to 240L bin
Manual Hand Stackers
  • With a maximum carry load of 1000kg, the manual hand stacker is designed with the latest technology of hydraulic pump, thus requiring less effort
  • This manual stacker comes equipped with a pair of heavy duty 'c' section reinforced forks for greatest strength lifting
Hoist and Winches
  • Strong, portable, lightweight crane that offers a wide range of application
  • Easily mounted on the back of a ute or small truck or set up in a workshop to assist in lifting items up to workbenches.
  • Each crane has a 360° slew and many extras cum configurations
Electrical Mast Cranes
  • This T-Lift has a rugged construction with low maintenance powder-coated finish as well as pre-lubricated bushes fitted to make slewing easier
  • To maximize space, truck crane can be folded down when not in use
  • Has an advantage of accurate placement of loads even in confined spaces

Spacepac's bulk materials handling equipment, stacking and lifting equipment offer efficiency and long lasting performance, increasing productivity in your business.
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