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Southwell Lifts and Hoists supply standard models and design custom built Car Lifts, Car Hoists and Truck Lifts to customer specifications.

Solutions for sites too small for a convention car park
  • Enabling additional parking spaces by providing a space effective alternative to concrete car park ramps
  • Modern cost effective alternative to a traditional car park
  • Maximise number of vehicles in car dealership showroom
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Minimal overrun and pit requirements
  • Self diagnostic programmable logic control (PLC)
  • Truck Lifts are custom built to your requirements
  • Model SCH-6030 with platform 6000mm length x 3000mm width, capacity 3000kg
  • 3 year full warranty and 10 year structural warranty (subject to service agreement with Southwell Lifts and Hoists)

Hoisting Vehicles Only

  • Door with ventilation slots, aluminium or steel, powder coated or galvanised roller shutters or panel lift doors with continuous rated door motors
  • Finishes: 2 pack epoxy or industrial enamel, aluminium chequer plate or stainless steel
  • Additional doors for double entry and exit of hoist
  • Door orientation: same sides or opposite sides
  • Fabrication steel ramp if applicable
  • 2 levels, 3 levels or 4 levels

Enabling driver to remain in vehicle

  • Inside platform control with Emergency exit system
  • Platform has Walls and roof
  • Emergency telephone
  • Remote control feature is added to call hoist to the appropriate level and open door for easy entry
  • Emergency back up light
Car and truck lifts are suitable for car dealership showrooms, vehicle service centres, apartment complexes and commercial carparks.
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07/08/12 - Southwell Lifts & Hoists found a repeat customer in Storage King of Newcombe, Victoria who ordered a second freestanding goods hoist in 2011.
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18/05/12 - Southwell Lifts & Hoists installed two custom built cantilever hydraulic in-shaft goods hoists at the Western Grandstand of the WIN Stadium in Wollongong.
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03/05/12 - Southwell Lifts & Hoists offers a wide range of car hoists and lifts to meet the growing demand in Australasia.
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01/12/11 - Southwell Lifts Hoists offers goods personnel hoists in two styles, namely Freestanding and In Shaft styles.
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28/10/11 - Southwell Lifts & Hoists offers unique and modern finishes to the internal cars of their goods hoists, freight hoists and goods personnel hoists.
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