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Grading and handling equipment offered by South Georgia Equipment

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South Georgia Equipment  offers a range of grading and handling equipment manufactured by Nicholson Machinery like Nicholson Onion Top Tailer - Finish Topper, Nicholson Onion Field Topper, Nicholson Onion Windrow / Raiser and Nicholson Onion Harvester. Nicholson Onion Top Tailer - Finish Topper is designed to remove onion tops and roots. Nicholson Onion Field Topper cuts and discharge onion tops and debris into wheel tracks. It works when onion tops are lying down or standing up.

Nicholson Onion Windrow / Raiser, offered by South Georgia Equipment, lifts onions from the bed and deliver them onto fluffed and rolled prepared windrow. Nicholson Onion Harvester is designed for onion harvesting and has adjustable and variable web speed, self-steering etc. Some of the packaging equipment provided by South Georgia Equipment is of various brands like BMC, KW Automation, Pro-Pak and Upmann.

BMC Engineering products supplied by South Georgia Equipment include range of rotary baggers to fit many applications. This also comprises of Martin Bagger, which is designed for onion, citrus, compost, potato, potting mix and similar applications. Martin Bagger is available in single head, twin head, four head or six head rotary. Some of the other options available with this product are air operated bucket clamps, adjustable in feed hopper height, soft drop attachment, sewing/sealing conveyors and more.

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