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Sony Digital Signage case study

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article image Sony’s digital signage solution is installed at the University of Queensland.

THE University of Queensland have integrated Sony's Digital Signage Solution into their latest state-of-the-art learning centre.

Housed within the newly finished $24 million Sir James Foots Building, the collaborative educational space extends learning as a total concept through formal and informal spaces using the latest teaching technologies.

The Collaborative Learning Centre is not a standard lecture or seminar room so Sony could experiment with the space and introduce some innovative technologies.

Sony's plasma screens and NSP-100 network players fulfill an important role in contributing to an area that allows students to relax and continue the learning experience beyond formal teaching areas.

Sony’s team used the system to create a useful communication channel between the students and the university. Due to the network player's capacity to accept and distribute a truly multi-media experience, they been able to deliver a wide assortment of content, including videos, graphics, websites and live content.

Sony’s content includes short videos that highlight the endeavours of various faculties, messages from various branches of administration, student works and even weather updates to warn of upcoming summer thunderstorms.

The University of Queensland had originally considered driving the plasma screens by connecting them up to personal computers and running standard PowerPoint slides.

By comparison, the Sony system offered exciting multi-media capabilities and powerful, easy-to-use management software making it a clear winner to staff.

The university is yet to realise and experiment with the full potential of the system, but they are finding the Sony Digital Signage Solution has already become a useful channel between the students and the university.

The university plans to extend its use through targeted messages driven according to timetables.

The concept of collaborative learning is driven by the real world where people don't work (or learn) in isolation but in groups. The Sony screens and players have helped to create an ambience and a sense of things happening in the centre.

According to Sony, the digital signage system has stimulated ideas for student communication and added a new dynamic to the learning experience.

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