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SonicWALL and InsightExpress conduct survey on working from home

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Companies are increasingly becoming more willing to allow staff to work remotely, despite concerns about network security.

A recent survey of 224 Australian and New Zealand managers conducted by InsightExpress and sponsored by SonicWALL , details that many managers (66.7%) prefer their staff working from home, while hotel business centres (55.1%) and anywhere there is an Internet connection (42.4%) are also widely accepted.

The results show that of those surveyed:

  • 25.7% of respondents estimated that more than 51% of their company’s employees work remotely either on a regular basis or occasionally
  • 74.8% of company’s currently have a remote worker policy in place
  • 66.8% of respondents reported that they had noticed an increase in the number of requests to work from home in the past 12 months
  • 43.3% of respondents said that their company’s disaster recovery plan included contingencies for remote working

Concerns for security:

With many managers surveyed agreeing that productivity is the same or higher for employee’s working remotely (81.3%), the concern for managers to allow staff to work off-site is network security (62.6%).

Policy for computer and wireless usage:

  • 48% of respondents said that their company has the same general policies in place for remote workers as for office computer use, while 26.3% of the respondents have currently no policy in place
  • 24.7% require their employees to use a secure wireless connection
  • 21.2% said their remote worker policy restricted the use of remote office equipment to the employee

Step to protect the company’s network:

Although network security was considered to be a major concern (62.6%) by respondents, anti-virus software scored the highest (66.5%) when questioned about the steps they take to safeguard the integrity of the corporate network. This was followed by SSL VPN connection (49.5%), IPSec connection (46.4%), encryption/two-factor authentication keys (28.4%), offsite/remote storage and backup (25.3%) and local disk backup (23.2%).

Despite identifying network security as the important concern affecting off site access, only almost 50% of respondents have actually taken the steps to implement a dedicated system to block unauthorised access.

With a growing workforce working from various locations and accessing your corporate network remotely, organisations of all sizes need to ensure their assets are protected.

Secure and easy to use remote access has become a necessity for businesses to safeguard their network.

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