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Solid Applied Technologies and Enginova win remote monitoring project of water reservoirs in India

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Enginova computers have deployed a solution based on Solid Applied Technologies ' ultrasonic level sensors to remotely monitor water reservoir capacity and river flow in the state of Maharashtra, India. The complete solution is marketed under the brand name AQUASCAN.

The first stage of the project was completed last year. During this stage 80 systems were deployed through out the region. The solution is planned to be deployed throughout Maharashtra and in other Indian states. The Success story is planned to be duplicated or adjusted to other countries where flood alert and\or reservoir and river monitoring is crucial.

The state of Maharashtra in India searched for a remote monitoring solution in order to perform on-line monitoring of their water reservoirs and rivers. These water resources are a source of life during most of the year but can become deadly if they are flooded, hence tight monitoring is far from being a privilege, it is a necessity. During drought water level becomes important for their judicious use.

The State of Maharashtra chose Enginova computers as system integrators for this project. In turn Enginova chose Solid Applied Technologies as a partner to provide level sensors. The Monoscan and SmartScan25 were selected to measure these challenging water resources. The mixture of products offers a good combination of price and performance and is fit both for medium and long distances.

The remote monitoring solution is based on SMS messages over the GSM network in order to support the local infrastructure. The system provides both the population and the municipal professionals with 'on-line' and 'on-demand' data of the water resources of the region. The data gathered from remote locations enables the government to maintain an updated and accurate full picture of the water status in the region.

The first stage of the reservoir and river remote monitoring project was deployed successfully and future phases are planned to be deployed throughout Maharashtra over the next few years.

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