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Adhesives and rubber glue supplied by Solcor (Australia)

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Solcor (Australia)  offers Solcor Adjustable Shock Cord, made from glass reinforced nylon. This offers UV protection and additional strength. These are intended with injection moulded sleeves to avoid fraying. These are used to secure items and can be fully adjusted to length between 10 to 90 centimetres with locking clip. Solcor Adjustable Shock Cord are provided by Solcor (Australia) comes in various sizes like 6 millimetres x 600 millimetres, 6 millimetres x 1 metre, 8 millimetres x 600 millimetres and 8 millimetres x 1 metre by Solcor (Australia).

Additionally, Solcor Industrial strength shock cord is resistant to abrasion and likely damage by salt water, caustic chemicals and petroleum products. These are manufactured to rigid ASTM Standards. Solcor (Australia) provides SHOCK CORD SPOOL© in solid black colour. EPDM rubber is also supplies by Solcor (Australia) in various sizes. SOLCOR rubber glue from Solcor (Australia) is an EPDM adhesive.

SOLCOR rubber glue from Solcor (Australia) can be used with gamut of materials as general adhesive, such as concrete, metals, plywood, etc. SOLCOR rubber glue is heat and water resistance product. Also, SOLCOR rubber glue from SOLCOR rubber glue is elastic and flexible to use. This also adheres to solid rubber and EPDM foam to most surfaces.

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