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Sola Sport provides the range of Source Outdoor iVis High Visibility Hydration Packs which a portable Hydration System for use in demanding work environments. The hard wearing durable fluorescent fabric, combined with high visibility reflective tapes ensure that employees, not only remain hydrated, but visible at all times even in some of the harshest conditions. Providing an employee with a high visibility hydration pack ensures wellbeing and reduces the number of drinks breaks required in the field. This also increases productivity.

Detachable unidirectional hose and mouth piece for convenience
  • Incorporated in the Source iVis Hydration Packs unique design is a detachable unidirectional hose and mouth piece which allows workers to share hydration packs whilst in the field
  • The unidirectional hose and mouth piece reduces the number of packs required for a mobile unit in the field
Glass-like™ surface of the Source iVis Hydration Pack bladder
  • The Glass-like surface of the bladder prevents bio film forming on the surface
  • The bio film results in less cleaning and prolonged usage in the field, with extended lifespan
Grunge-guard ™ technology inhibits growth of bacteria
  • Using Grunge-guard technology which inhibits bacteria growth on reservoir and drinking tube
  • The Grunge-guard ensures a pure solution taste and once again extends the lifespan of the product
Quick release safety mechanism for fast and safe removal
Similar to a diver’s buoyancy jacket, the Source iVis high visibility hydration pack comes complete with its own quick release safety mechanism ensuring fast removal in an emergency situation

All Source Outdoor iVis Hydration Packs are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 to ensure the highest levels of quality. Sola Sport information and contact details


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