Welding and Cutting Automation Systems from SMENCO

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Welding and Cutting Automation Systems from SMENCO
SMENCO, a leader in Australian welding technology, are experts in robotics and automated welding including Fronius and Bug-O Automated Welding Machines and Systems.

High performance robotic steel welding
  • The Fronius TransSteel Robotics system have focussed entirely on robotic steel welding. 
  • Users are impressed by the results and the obvious benefits: robust, reliable, efficient, perfect weld properties for steel, time-saving functions with optional gas or water cooling. 
  • The future-proof systems are compatible with robots produced by leading manufacturers.
Innovative steel transfer technology
The innovative Steel Transfer Technology and the fully digital TransSteel inverter power source form the basis of a new robotic welding system.
TransSteel Robotics is available in the 350 A and 500 A categories.
  • They reach these values at 40% D.C.(duty cycle) or 250/360 A at 100% D.C. 
  • In addition to the advantages of the power source for manual use, TransSteel Robotics offers users a range of additional features and innovations. For example, the Fronius System Connector (FSC) transfers all the required media for the welding process. The precise current transfer of the FSC ensures maximum process stability. 

New trend in robotic welding
Hollow-shaft robots are a new generation of robots developed specifically for arc welding applications. The entire hosepack is integrated in the process arm and the torch is located directly in the 6th axis.
  • This makes robot welding more flexible overall, and completely plannable. 
  • Weld accessibility is enhanced to a very maximum, and as for the hosepack, this lasts up to two times longer than on conventional robots used for comparable applications. Fronius offers high-grade systems with specific component packages for many different robot manufacturers.
User-friendly robot interfaces
  • Developers have made the system even more user-friendly with the new "two-in-one" robot interface: the user can now connect the robot interface easily to the power source or the wall of the welding cell, for example. 
  • At the touch of a button, the Easy Job function conveniently saves up to five parameter data records. 
  • It is more or less identical both for conventional system components and process arm peripherals (PAP) or hollow-arm welding robots. The much smaller, compact wire-feed unit drastically reduces the interference profile. 
  • In conjunction with the FSC, the ComfortWire function makes it possible to thread the wires automatically when the wire feed rollers are closed. The wire-feed unit can be placed in its mounting rail when changing the liner. 
  • This saves a considerable amount of time and really makes a difference in automated manufacturing processes.  
With the latest applications for its users, TransSteel Robotics provides the ideal conditions for perfect steel welding.
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