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Super clean valves suit tight standards

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article image Ideal for high purity process fluids.

SMC Pneumatics has released a new range of chemical valves and fittings. The valves will not allow liquid build-up in the valve body, ensuring no residual is present to generate contamination.

This makes the new LV range of valves and associated fittings ideal for high purity process fluids and, due to their PFA bodies, they can also withstand aggressive environmental conditions.

Features to further ensure the contaminant-free state of the valves include a stable sealing surface guide ring on the piston rod which eliminates lateral motion of the poppet, not only increasing seal life but also reducing particle formation.

A special diaphragm construction ensures gentle opening and closing which prevents the formation of micro-bubbles. A piston bumper has been included to absorb momentum thereby minimising the risk of creating impact-induced particles.

Features such as the new PFA body offer outstanding corrosion resistance when used with compatible acids, bases and ultrapure water. A buffer supporting the diaphragm minimises deformation, giving the product long life and excellent resistance to back pressure.

Available for different tubing sizes, the range also offers the options of locking and non-locking types; by-pass, suck-back and flow rate adjustment types; an integral fitting or threaded type; and threaded port LVA or manual operation LVH types - both of which can be used in a manifold arrangement.

SMC high purity products incorporate many new and unique innovations that minimise both particulate and chemical contamination to levels compatible with the most demanding requirements.

All cleaning, assembly and packaging of the products are performed in a clean room to ensure the highest possible product integrity.

The new LV range is the latest addition to SMC's extensive range of high purity fittings and valves suitable for process applications across a range of industries including pharmaceuticals, food manufacturing and chemical processing.

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