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Magnetic gripper for safe handling of steel plates sans vacuum

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article image SMC’s Model MHM-X6400 magnetic gripper

SMC Pneumatics (Australia) has added a new range of magnetic grippers to their gripper range designed for safe handling and transfer of steel plates as well as sheet metal.

SMC’s Model MHM-X6400 uses a magnet to handle steel plates without the need for vacuum. Ideal for workpieces with uneven, irregular surfaces or holes, this magnetic gripper provides reliable and safe handling at reduced cycle times for improved productivity. These magnetic grippers are also recommended for varied sheet metal handling applications including robotic systems.

SMC developed the new magnetic gripper to address the issue of handling flexibility in applications where vacuum was never an option due to the inherent limitations of a vacuum system.

Key features of SMC’s Model MHM-X6400 magnetic grippers include holding force of up to 120 N allowing the device to hold the workpiece even when air supply is lost completely or pressure drops are experienced; assurance of reliable and safe movement of workpieces; residual holding force of only 0.3 N or less reducing cycle times and improving productivity output; simple adjustment of holding force by changing the height of the bumper in use; and improved safety thanks to Fluororubber bumper preventing the workpiece from slipping during operations.

Featuring three mountable surfaces and the option to mount auto switches, the MHM-X6400 offers flexibility and greater process control.

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