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Small Parts and Bearings  supplies a range of machinery from a number of reputed manufacturers like SDP Miscellaneous Small Parts, Smoovy Precision Micromotors, Solarbotics Robotic Parts, SSA Socket Screws, Thomson Linear, WIB Swiss Bearings, EZO Bearings, GRW High Precision Bearings, IJK Bearings, INOX Lubricants, KSK Bearings, MBA Bearings, Molytech Lubricants and Adhesives, Nachi Bearings, Ondrives Miscellaneous Small Parts, Origin Bearings, Rino Miscellaneous Small Parts and RMB High Precision German Bearings.

Small Parts and Bearings supplies bearings for many dental applications. The bearings that are supplied for dental handpieces come in many shapes and sizes. Small Parts and Bearings also supply a range of turbines and canisters for handpieces as well as special dental O-rings and washers.

A range of cages for holding rolling elements like balls in the bearings are available from Small Parts and Bearings. Two of the most common types of bearings that are available from Small Parts and Bearings are two piece ribbons and one piece steel crowns. The crown type of bearings is better suited for low speed and low torque applications. These bearings are made of brass, chrome steel as well as stainless steel. A vast range of timing belts and pulleys are also available from Small Parts and Bearings.

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