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Pre-adjustable non-locating bearing unit

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article image Panloc units allow easy adjustment of internal bearing clearance and preload.

SKF Australia ’s Panloc unit allows internal bearing clearance or preload to be easily adjusted in many applications including printing machines, compressors, generators, stirring mechanisms and various areas of military technology.

The SKF Panloc consists of:

* A bearing housing adapted to its service location, generally with a flange;

* A flangeless outer ring with a slightly tapered raceway that is mounted in the bearing housing;

* A single-row tapered roller set with cage;

* A flangeless inner ring with a cylindrical bore and raceway that can be mounted on the shaft separately from the roller set and housing; and

* A shoulder ring designed as an adjusting ring with an outside thread by which the set of taper rollers can be variably adjusted against the slightly tapered raceway in the outer ring up to the pre-adjusted clearance or preload, respectively.

The SKF Panloc is supplied as a complete non-locating bearing unit. The required non-locating bearing movement takes place within the bearing without force. Each unit is pre-adjusted to fit the actual operating conditions.

When the units leave the factory, they are provided with a slightly larger internal clearance than required. After installation, the adjustable shoulder ring of the roller set is turned into position against the slightly tapered raceway in the outer ring.

A scale on the flat side of the bearing housing and a mark on the shoulder ring make it possible to adjust the internal clearance/preload on site. The scale is calibrated by SKF according to the respective interference fits of the bearing rings on the shaft and in the housing.

Rotating the shoulder ring by one scale division changes the amount of internal clearance/preload by a specific measure, for example by 5æm.

SKF has also developed a program to calculate the internal clearance/preload, taking into account the difference in temperature between the inner and outer rings during operation.

The SKF Panloc bearing unit has been designed for grease and oil lubrication.

The design of the SKF Panloc bearing unit was based on the high-precision double row cylindrical roller bearings of the NN and NNU design and the NAO and NKI series of needle roller bearings, due to the importance of a defined internal clearance/preload in these bearings.

The external dimensions of the bearing housing are manufactured according to customer specifications. A special flange design can also be supplied. The internal geometry of the bearing is designed according to the operating load. The focus of bearing diameters are available in 40, 80, 100, 120 and 170 mm.

The rolling conditions of the SKF Panloc are similar to those for taper roller bearings. The inner ring raceway is straight (angle 0ø) and the outer ring is slightly tapered (overall angle of the tapered roller). Since the angle of the outer ring raceway of the SKF Panloc is very small negative effects on bearings are negligible.

The taper of the roller set and the outer ring raceway results in an axial force in the bearing. However, this can be easily absorbed by the shoulder.

The SKF calculation program BEACON can be used to perform calculations regarding the rigidity and service life of various non-locating bearing types.

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