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article image Lightweight, gun-grip style unit.

SKF Reliability Systems has added to its range of condition monitoring tools a thermal imager specifically designed for predictive maintenance.

The Raytek Thermoview Ti30 imager is a state-of-the-art, lightweight, gun-grip style thermal imaging unit that captures instant and accurate thermal images and radiometric readings at a remote distance from the target.

Ergonomically designed for either left or right-hand use, the Thermoview imager captures thermal images and data with a simple click of the trigger.

The unit can store up to 100 images which can then be downloaded to a personal computer where the images can be stored, evaluated further or added to reports and presentations.

The Ti30 thermal imager displays clear, clean thermal images while automatically recording radiometric readings for complete records. The laser functions as a sighting aid to help pinpoint the details of the target, using a crosshatch at the centre of the image that identifies the temperature spot.

The imager captures the radiometric readings and accompanying thermal images shown on the LCD screen for future quantitative or qualitative reporting.

The device includes a Windows based PC application, InsideIR software - for thermal analysis and reporting.

Preventative and predictive maintenance programs can greatly minimise repair and labour costs, reduce inventory of parts and avoid production losses.

Thermal imaging has become an effective predictive maintenance tool by identifying variations that can lead to equipment failure.

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