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Situp N Grind concrete grinder available in 240V

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Situp N Grind, available from Situp Products , is a concrete grinder available in 240V. Both grinder and vacuum will run off a single domestic power outlet. The Situp N Grind allows an operator to finish up to three times as much area per day with the same angle grinder and cupwheel compared with grinding while kneeling.

The 6,500 rpm of a nine inch angle grinder and the enormous torque of the motor is a combination that cuts through concrete, glue, paint and sealers. The angle grinder can be carried in one hand and the vacuum dust collector in the other.

Grinding speeds in excess of 40sqm per hour have been achieved for light grinding of the surface while normal surface preparation is 25sqm per hour, resulting in three times as much grinding per day. The Situp N Grind is suitable for fast edging work and for small rooms.

At World of Concrete in USA 2004, the Situp N Grind was awarded the ‘Most Innovative Product’ for its design and performance.

Following are the features of Situp N Grind package:

  • Trigger switch control at knee height
  • Steel cover for strength and rigidity
  • Metabo 2500W angle grinder
  • Dust shroud with vacuum port
  • Removable cover strip for wall edging
  • Quality diamond cupwheel underneath for grinding medium hardness concrete
  • White, non-marking rubber seal, Velcro attached for toolless height adjustment
  • Six weights
  • Retractable side-handle for left-handed or right-handed operation
  • Stable five-castor stool with height adjustment for fast and smooth mobility

The Situp N Grind is suitable for flooring, landscaping, tiling, painting, sealing, building, coating, grinding, polishing, resurfacing and preparation. The Situp N Grind including the vacuum can be operated anywhere from a single power outlet.

The high speed of the Situp N Grind, which uses a nine inch angle grinder, does not always come from the grinding force alone; it is faster to move onto site, faster to pack away, takes up less room in the vehicle and can be quickly shifted from one area to another. Without a long handle, the Situp N Grind is easier to position and operate in tight spaces and can be accurately controlled.

Using a single power outlet for both the vacuum and the grinder will also provide dust-free, operation due to the close proximity of the vacuum to the grinder and the compact seven inch diameter cupwheel. The efficiency of the dust shroud comes from the construction, which has an adjustable rubber seal to maintain the perfect height to control dust and prevent suck-down sticking of the shroud to the floor.

Fast grinding speeds of up to 40sqm per hour are possible with the Situp N Grind for light grinding and cleanup of the surface. Normal operating speeds vary from 10sqm per hour for epoxy removal to 30sqm per hour for levelling and cleaning floors. Heavy glue or thick paints can also be removed easily.

Most large, 240V grinder motors are squirrel-cage design that lack the torque and speed of an angle grinder and slow down easily under load. Nine inch angle grinders produce enormous torque, run at high speed around 6,000 rpm and are reliable for their size. The ergonomic position of the operator using a Situp N Grind allows for all the power of the angle grinder to be transferred to the grinding process.

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