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Eutech EcoTestr pH 2 Pocket Tester from Sitest

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Sitest  supplies the EcoTestr series of waterproof testers from Eutech designed to test pH, conductivity, TDS and salinity in water.

Eutech is a designer and manufacturer of sensor-based instruments for water quality analysis.

Ph measurement is a breeze with Eutech EcoTestr pH 1 and pH 2, an economical range of pocket-size testers designed for fuss-free pH measurements on the go.

Accurate and easy to use, EcoTestr pH 2 testers are ideal for quick pH measurements in hydroponic gardening, aquaculture, agriculture, pools, food and beverage manufacturing as well as various water and wastewater applications.

Key features of EcoTestr pH 2 testers:

  • Plus or minus 0.1% accuracy across full pH range
  • Auto buffer recognition and auto-calibration functions: Quick, easy calibrations at the press of a button
  • Long lasting sensor: Large volume of polymer gel reference gives longer sensor lifespan, while single Kynar reference junction prevents clogging
  • Also features Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC) and up to three calibration points for broadened accuracy across the whole pH range

EcoTestr pH 2 testers are also used for environmental monitoring, cooling tower, electroplating, printing and photo development applications.

Regular calibration helps to maintain tester accuracy.

Single-point calibration only allows calibration at one chosen point, which should be near the pH range of the specific application.  

3-point calibration allows calibration at three different points (pH 4, 7 and 10) to give ±0.1 pH accuracy across the acid and alkali ranges.  

If the application requires pH measurements that vary greatly, EcoTestr pH 2 with 3-point calibration capabilities is highly suitable.  

The necessity of Automatic Temperature Compensation depends on the accuracy requirement.  

Sensor sensitivity to pH changes with temperature variation. With ATC, the tester automatically detects and compensates for such temperature variations.

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