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Rescue equipment from Single Rope Technique Equipment

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Single Rope Technique Equipment  supplies a wide range of roping and rescue equipment to the Australian market. Some of the products supplied by Single Rope Technique Equipment are swivels, karabiners, rigging plates, harnesses, equipment bags, slings, personal energy absorbers, buckles, bolt brackets, edge protection equipment, arborist equipment, ascenders, stop descenders, Two Way Rescue Stop, Noworries Two Way Stop, Noworries Belay Stop, goldtails, belay plates, belay pulleys, rappel racks, Rescue 8, pulleys, flying fox pulleys, Riggersmate and Rescuemate. All these equipment are widely used by roping enthusiasts all over Australia.

Single Rope Technique Equipment supplies a range of Ascenders and Specialised Ascenders are designed to offer strength and durability. The bodies of these ascenders are machined using extruded aluminium and are anodised in black gold and red for superior corrosion protection. The teeth and cam face are designed to do less damage to a rope.

These ascenders are available in five distinct styles namely Standard, Chest, Accessory, Explorer and Specialised. The standard ascenders are available for both left and right hands and come with two rigging holes at the top and two at the bottom.

The specialised ascenders from Single Rope Technique Equipment combine pulley sheaves with ascender cams. All specialised ascenders supplied by Single Rope Technique Equipment can be used as conventional pulleys, or as a conventional ascender as well as a combined unit.

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