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Packaging a product, or an entire pallet, can become a time consuming task. Picking the items, taking them to the despatch area of your warehouse, possibly repacking them, and getting the final packaged goods onto incoming courier trucks all adds up.

At Signet, our own network of warehouses have to face the challenge of time every day. And just like other warehouses and businesses around the country, reassessing current packaging processes is a great way to identify potential time saving opportunities. Every minute that can be better utilised aids in the process of creating an efficient workplace.

If you are looking to save valuable packaging time, read our tips below.

Time saving tip 1 – Set up your workstation right

Correctly setting up workstations is pivotal. Excessive or needless bending, stretching, or reaching can result in injuries and time off. If employees aren't putting their backs etc. under strain, the chance of injury is reduced and your packaging processes won't grind to a halt. Small adjustments can have a substantial impact on being able to maintain a well-organised, efficient, and safe process.

A simple review of the actual packing area could highlight improvement opportunities.

Time saving tip 2 – Have all of your packaging supplies where they are needed

Over time, workstations can become messy and chaotic. Items used to apply essential packaging supplies to your goods can get lost, and as a result, time can be wasted finding or replacing them. Some essential packaging supplies may include:

Some ways to keep essential supplies organised can include:

  • Completing regular checks to make sure that the items are at the right location
  • Keeping all of your frequently used supplies within arm's reach
  • Depending on how your packing area is set up, a board could be incorporated to visually show where supplies need to be returned after use. This is also a key part of 5S and maintaining a safe workplace

Time saving tip 3 – Ensure packaging supplies are near the central packing area

It is important to make sure that all of your packaging supplies are stored close to the packing area. As new stock arrives and needs a place to be stored, other items may need to be relocated, and their closeness to packing stations could be altered.

If you need to move existing stock to be able to store new stock, ensure frequently used items are still easy to reach.

Frequently used supplies may include:

If packing stations are set up close to doorways or walkways, packing material could be blown around or get in the way. Picking the right location is a key factor in ensuring that time is used wisely. Every minute spent picking up packing materials from the floor or moving them out of an individual’s way – is time that could be used more productively elsewhere.

Time saving tip 4 – Choose the right skillset for the job

Using the right skillset to successfully and efficiently complete a task, is just as vital as having the correct tools. If a large number of items need packaging, speed may be needed. If fragile, delicate items need to be packaged, extra precision may be needed.

Reassessing the way that each product is packaged can highlight a number of important strengths or opportunities for improvement. These may include:

  • Verification that current processes are the best solution for that products needs
  • Highlight changes that can be made to improve the final packaged goods
  • Training opportunities that can improve your workers’ skills and overall packaging process

Saving time in every area of a business and in every process, should be a key focus of any business – whether in a warehouse or head office.

Implementing some of these tips could highlight a number of improvement opportunities that may have otherwise been missed.

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