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Signet's tips for creating an effective workstation

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Whether packaging items in a warehouse or ordering packaging supplies in an office, creating a safe and functional workstation is a vital part of any effective OH&S program. However over time both people and the areas where they work can become unorganised and unsafe. To help remind our customers of some essential safe workstation practices, read Signet's tips for creating an effective workstation below.

Tip #1 - Create a regular cleaning system

Keeping an organised work area is key to keeping on top of daily tasks, activities, projects and reducing the possibility of accidents or injuries.

For example, bags, empty postal tubes or mailing boxes, rolls of packing tape, general packaging supplies and any other items on and around your work space that are not regularly used or simply haven't been put away, should be removed and kept out of the way of others. A few solutions can include a thorough clean at the end of the day or week and ensuring that there is plenty of storage close and readily available.

Tip #2 - Sit up straight

Maintaining correct posture throughout the day is essential for reducing potential muscle strains and aches. This is beneficial for workers who may be standing up packaging goods and those who sit down at their desk for extended periods of time.

While our posture may not be something that we consider throughout our working day, particularly during busy periods or when concentrating on a task, consciously checking your posture and adjusting or stretching your body is a crucial part of maintaining healthy work habits.

Tip #3 - Have a rest and take regular breaks

Taking regular breaks is important for concentration and working muscles which may go unused throughout the day. Breaks can include activities such as lunch, light exercise or performing a different task.

For example, workers who may sit at their desk all day may take a break by moving packaging supplies to the warehouse, by performing some light stretches at their desk or getting up and talking to your co-workers instead of sending an email. this allows previously unused muscles to be activated, over worked muscles to recover and reduce stress by breaking up an autonomous day or task.

Tip #4 - Adjust your workstation if required

Adjusting your workstation to suit your needs is essential for being able to perform effectively. This may require adjusting chairs, moving computer screens and monitors, moving paperwork, implementing standing desks or using two screens. By creating the correct environment, work is able to be done more efficiently and the potential for sore muscles and an incident occurring is also reduced.

By remembering and implementing these simple tips, both workers and businesses will have safer OH&S practices and a comfortable day.

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