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Signet introduces their range of cartons which includes a shape suitable for just about every requirement.

Signet's carton range accommodate long, awkward, round or cubic shaped items

Signet is a leading Australian packaging supplies specialist and below you will find the carton you need or otherwise have a carton custom made for your needs.
  • Pallet Cartons - All sizes of pallet cartons fit neatly together onto a standard pallet (it needs to be the 1 size used together)
  • Neat-Fit Cartons - Smaller cartons can be secured together in a “neat-fit” carton
  • Long Cartons - These cartons have a large opening along one of the lengths for easy inserting and removing of items. This style is suitable for long or awkward-shaped products
  • Adjustable Cartons - These cartons can be adjusted to your required height. This is through score lines every 50mm on the carton starting from halfway up the carton
  • Square Cartons - These cartons are ideal for shipping round, cubic or odd-shaped items
  • Tall Cartons - An alternative to postal tubes, these cartons are great for long shaped products such as paper rolls and posters
  • Flat Cartons - This shape is ideal for narrow or slim products such as albums, books and diaries
  • Printer Cartons - These cartons are ideal for A4 sized paper, making them ideal for printers to store and send goods. Max weight 6kg
  • Removalist Cartons - This style is versatile, strong and durable making them ideal for moving
  • Heavy Duty Cartons - These cartons are made with a double wall cardboard, meaning they can hold up to twice the weight of normal cartons
  • White Shipping Cartons - White cartons are made the same as standard shipping cartons, but have a white exterior for a more stylish appearance
If you need to store or send something but need a different style or shape, Signet provides postal tubes, mailing boxes or wraparound mailer boxes.

If you still can’t find the right carton for you, custom-made is also available and you are able to request the dimensions, board grade, quantity, colour and any printing that you desire. Signet information and contact details

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