Signet Stretch Film and Plastic Wraps for Securing, Bundling and Protecting Pallets

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Signet offer a quality and reliable range of stretch film and plastic products to cater for the needs of a vast variety of warehouse conditions. The range of stretch films and wraps improves the appearance of goods and save businesses on labour costs.

Alternative to pre-stretch and conventional films and distributed in Australia exclusively through Signet, the Ultimate Film weighs less than conventional film rolls and less tiring to apply.

Signet's Ultimate Film is a new, high performance pallet wrapping that uses state-of-the art resin technology to deliver improved performance and reliability

  • Wrap pallets faster
  • Reduce environmental impact as it uses up to 20% less film per pallet wrapped
  • Offers a more cost-effective alternative to conventional cast/blown film or pre-stretch film
  • Easily hand-stretched with 30-50% tension at the stretching point
  • Protect the wrap from sharp edges with its great puncture strength

Water resistant and almost silent to apply, Signet's Cast Hand Pallet Wrap is a cast polyethylene stretch film that secures pallets during transport and storage

  • Easy to apply with the extra stretch capability without sacrificing tension
  • High clarity for barcode scanning to ensure easy handling
  • Almost silent to apply
  • Protect goods in transit with water resistant benefits

Durable and puncture resistant, the Blown Hand Pallet Wrap is ideal for containing heavy or irregular loads

  • Provides optimal pallet protection with the unique 3 laminate film with metallocene
  • Hi-tack formula to optimise stability and the amount of film required for each pallet during transport
  • Ensure consistent and reliable quality with state-of-the-art technology
  • Free roll holders with every carton

Signet's range of pallet wrap films will ensure goods are bundled, secured and protected during transportation and storage, reducing damage to stock. All stretch films and plastic wraps are easy to apply, increasing production throughput and improving productivity.

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