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Signet’s Top 5 types of Safety Signs for your workplace

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In every workplace, safety signs play an important role in indicating to individuals what is required to stay safe in the various areas, important instructions that must be followed or where particular equipment is kept. Ensuring that the required safety signs are installed and older, worn signs are replaced, is an essential activity for any business. As safety is always a priority at Signet and a vital part of an efficient workplace, we have compiled a list of some of the various safety signs that our customers should have.

Fire Extinguisher Signage

In an emergency, being able to quickly identify where safety equipment is stored is pivotal. Doing regular checks to ensure that signage hasn’t faded or showing signs of general wear, and replacing if required, is an essential part of ensuring employees and visitors’ safety.

Directory Signage

For offices that may have other buildings on the premises, having clear and accurate directory signage is key. Not only does it aid in helping visitors to easily understand where to go, it also vital in reducing possible accidents and injuries. Moving vehicles such as forklifts and trucks, and areas with dangerous chemicals can pose significant safety risks, and need to be easily identified. Areas to indicate may include visitors parking, despatch, receiving and no smoking areas.

Supplies Signage

Keeping your workplace tidy and organised is an important part of creating a lean, efficient business. Imagine if workers always placed supplies in different areas. While it might not delay processes from the outset, when you add together the accumulated time taken to regularly have to find essential items, it can start to add up. As every minute counts, having a centralised and easily identified supplies area can save valuable time.

Lunchroom/Food Signage

As the majority of the week is spent at the office, treating kitchens and other food areas with respect is vital to maintain cleanliness and workers health. Not only will it help to minimise the risk of pests and bacteria, but it also ensures a pleasant place to work in. Incorporate safety signage that indicates the locations of waste bins and recycling, as well as reminders to keep the area tidy.

Stair Signage

Lastly, stair signage is a vital component of a safe workplace and reducing the risk of accidents. While it may not be thought about regularly, placing safety signs at the start of any stair case is a simple way to remind individuals to take care. They can be particularly useful if stairs are located outside and may become slippery when wet or if they are steep.

Signet have a range of safety signs to suit any office or work place. Shop our extensive range now to find the perfect safety signage for you.

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