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Signet  stocks a comprehensive range of maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) supplies essential to keep any business functioning efficiently.

Maintaining, repairing and operating are resource- and time-intensive tasks that demand time-bound fulfilment at low costs.

Signet’s MRO supplies give customers easy, quick and convenient access to an extensive range of products for maintenance, repair and operations from big brands such as 3M, Galmet, Altex, WD-40, Pelican, HPM and Stanley.

Rigid Grinding Discs, Fibre Discs, Roloc Discs and Sandpaper Sheets

3M Type A rigid grinding discs are ideal for heavy duty stock removal applications and grinders with higher torque ratings. Fibre discs, also from the 3M range offer versatile application on a wide variety of metals while their slotted centre holes ensure dimensional stability.

Galmet Enamel Spray Paint and Primer

Galmet spray paints and primers are fast-drying high gloss steel and structural enamel paints formulated to provide a tough exterior coating and excellent weathering properties.

Acetone, Methylated Spirits and Turpentine

Acetone, methylated spirits and turpentine find use in MRO activities such as cleaning, diluting and thinning paints, removing resins, waxes, adhesives, lacquers and varnishes as well as providing good solvency for oil and general grease.

Cold Zing Galvanising Spray, WD-40 Lubricant and Silicone Spray

Used as a protective final coating or as a primer for iron/ steel that will be exposed to corrosive conditions, galvanised sprays are ideal for protecting and maintaining steel roofing, structural steel tanks, air conditioning units, marine equipment, mining equipment and agricultural equipment.

WD-40 is a well know all-purpose lubricant, whilst the Signet silicone spray lubricates, repels water, eliminates rust and prevents sticking and freezing on equipment in addition to cost-effectively maintaining cutting tools and valuable machinery.

Scissor Lift Trolleys, Loading Trolleys and Hand Trucks

Signet’s range of trolleys is suitable for picking orders, and transporting goods from one place to another.

Forklift Extensions, Pallet Jacks and Work Platforms

Signet pallet jacks feature a very sturdy frame and capacity of 2500kg, whilst Signet forklift extensions are useful for lifting and moving long objects or larger pallets. Work platforms are designed to be lifted by forklifts to carry two people to hard-to-access areas.

The Signet MRO supplies range also includes flashlights, extension cords, power boards, cable ties and measuring wheels.

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