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During 2015, Australians have spent an estimated $17.5 billion dollars with online retailers. That is a lot of potential new customers who are paying for the physical goods and the intangible value of trust that their online purchases will be delivered damage free.

Create the right impression through professional, high quality packaging that will protect your products and enhance your brands reputation. Choosing the right packaging can be tricky. It has to meet customers' changing expectations and stand up to tough transport conditions to deliver the items safely and produce a positive brand experience.

Packaging encompasses both external and internal materials, which means there are a number of aspects to consider. Example of such materials include mail bags, void fill and other protective packing materials.

Without investing in quality packaging supplies, there is an increased chance of product damage. A damaged product creates unplanned costs, as well as harder to measure losses to the brands reputation. As a package becomes the "face of the brand" for online retailers, it is important to choose packing materials wisely. Read on to find out how Signet and Sealed Air are working together to help.

Quality, protective packaging solutions for small, light products

Damaged goods can have a significant impact on a brand, creating doubt and ill-feelings in the customers mind. This is clearly seen in a study completed for NSW Fair Trading (2012), where 26% of the respondents would be more cautious towards that seller and potentially more reluctant to online shopping.

As the outer packaging is usually the first physical interaction with a brand, it needs to serve two main functions: be well presented and protect the product inside.

Why is Sealed Air's range of Jiffy Bags the solution?

Sealed Airs range of Jiffy Bags are a convenient solution for professional, protective packaging due to the high quality materials used and construction of the bag. The range includes stylish white options and an extensive range of sizes, so there will also be a bag to perfectly suit the item and ensure a streamlined, sophisticated finish. Their streamlined finish is also due to the fact that extra protective materials are not necessary, reducing the overall size of the package and associated costs.

Jiffy Bags are internally lined with bubble wrap or constructed from durable Kraft paper. Both materials have excellent protective and cushioning qualities and welded seams ensure that the products are safe and secure during transit.

Online ordering with Signet is Simple

Signet has over 45 years of experience helping Australia compete and helping customers to find the most effective solution for their product.

Shopping online for Sealed Air products is easy with the online store. In just a few clicks the order is placed. Head to the quick and secure checkout no by clicking here:

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