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Signet understands that different workplaces require specific signs for both employees and to the general public.

Whether these signs are to guide, warn, advise, alert or direct, Signet stocks a sign for every occasion and need.

Ensuring employee safety is paramount to the smooth running of any business. A big part of ensuring accident free work is in highlighting potential hazards and dangers, as well as making employees aware of safe practices. 

Health and Safety signs are a cost effective and simple way of helping workers stay safe by providing messages that are quick and easy to understand using standardised visual measures. 

Signet's range of safety signs for guiding, warning, advising, alerting and directing

  • Health and Safety Signs
  • Danger Signs
  • Emergency Signs
  • Prohibition Signs
  • Traffic Signs
  • Mandatory Signs
  • Warning Signs
  • Housekeeping Signs
  • Storage and Transport Signs
  • Factory and Site Signs
  • Fire safety signs
  • Exit signs
  • Decals
  • Custom Signs

Health and Safety Signs

  • Signs expose work practices which may potentially lead to injury
  • Made from strong polypropylene
  • Examples: Avoid Injury Don’t Climb, Avoid Injury Carry Loads, and Avoid Injury Straight back

Danger Signs

  • Protect your workers, visitors, and the general public who come into contact with your site and may be unaware of everyday dangers
  • Use danger signs to clearly indicate fire and explosion risks, electrical hazards, and dangerous areas around construction sites
  • Highly visible red and black, available in Self Sticking, Vinyl Polypropylene, Corflute, and Metal
  • Examples: No smoking, High Voltage, Unauthorised Persons Keep Out, and Do Dot Enter

Emergency Signs

  • Indicates location of emergency equipment
  • Conform to Australian Standards
  • Available in various sizes in either a Self Sticking, Vinyl Polypropylene, Corflute, and Metal
  • Examples: First Aid, Emergency Shower and Eye Wash, and Emergency Assembly Point

Prohibition Signs

  • Helps prevent accidents by conveying safety rules at a glance
  • Messages are understandable, even where language and literacy barriers may exist
  • Conforms to Australian Standards using accepted symbols
  • Examples: No Smoking, No Entry Authorised, No Food or Drink, and Authorised Personnel Only

Traffic Signs

  • Orderly traffic flow within your factory will increase productivity and reduce risk of accidents
  • Traffic signs provide basic directions, similar to those encountered on the road
  • Made out of durable Colourbond metal for long outdoor life
  • Examples: Stop Sign, Give Way, Speed Limit 5, Enter Only, and Visitor Parking

Mandatory Signs

  • Indicate health and safety or accident prevention instructions
  • Easily identifiable icons convey messages clearly, where language and literacy barriers may exist
  • Conforms to Australian Standards and is available in Self Sticking, Vinyl Polypropylene, Corflute, and Metal
  • Decals also available if language or literacy barriers are present
  • Decals are made from a tough self-adhesive vinyl for outside applications
  • Examples: Foot Protect Must Be Worn In This Area, Hearing Protection Must Be Worn In This Area, and a Multiple Condition Sign

Warning Signs

  • These signs are commonly used in warehouses, factories, and sites to alert personnel of dangers that are not likely to be life threatening
  • Appropriately notify customers, visitors, and staff off potential hazards to make your workplace a safer place
  • Ideal for highlighting busy forklift areas, and areas that may be slippery or wet
  • Examples: Forklifts In Use, Use Hand Rail, Trip Hazard, and Slippery Surface

Housekeeping Signs

  • Provide clear reminders to staff to help maintain a clean, safe workplace
  • Constructed from a high quality polypropylene material
  • Uses and Examples: “Please Wipe Your Feet” can be placed in the entry of an office, which may be close to a warehouse, to keep the floors of the entrance clean

Storage and Transport Signs

  • -Clear and simple way to advise workers and visitors of the types of dangerous goods that are being stored, or transported on a vehicle
  • Made from a durable Colourbond metal for outdoor weather conditions
  • Conforms to Australians Standards
  • Examples: Oversize (Reflective), Hazchem Emergency Dial 000, and Do Not Overtake Turning Vehicle

Factory and Site Signs

  • Used as a communication tool to deliver important messages, and also to direct people to the appropriate areas of a workplace
  • Commonly used in warehouses or work site traffic areas
  • Examples: All Visitors Must Report To Site Office, Deliveries, Despatch, and Visitors Parking

Fire Safety Signs

  • -Identify the location of various fire safety equipment and services including fire doors and fire extinguishers
  • -Conforms to Australian Standards
  • -Signs are available in a Metal, Outdoor Polypropylene, and Self Sticking Outdoor Vinyl (depending on the specific sign chosen)
  • -Examples: Fire Door Do Not Obstruct, Fire Extinguisher, and Fire Extinguisher Powder

Exit Signs

  • -Used to identify and indicate exit points and emergency exits
  • -Luminous and non-luminous signs available
  • -Constructed from a Metal, Outdoor Polypropylene, or a Self Sticking Outdoor Vinyl material
  • -Examples: Exit, Exit (arrow left), Exit Man (arrow left & luminous), and Exit Man Picture (Luminous)

Custom Signs

  • Signet custom signs can be adapted to address any workplace safety issues at your premises
  • Convey your safety messages concisely and develop your own signs using our industry standard icons, custom text, and graphics
  • All signs are made with 4 mounting holes
  • Examples include Prohibition, Warning, Safety First, Danger, and Mandatory Signs

With over a 100 signs in stock, Signet has a sign for every message. The range includes danger signs, health and safety signs, prohibition signs, warning signs, mandatory signs and emergency signs. The range also includes general purpose signs for traffic, factory and site signs, floor marking signs, storage and transport, housekeeping, and fire safety signs.

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