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Safety for yourself and others is one of the most important things you can achieve at work. A large part of this safety is ensuring that you have access to the essential equipment needed to meet the safety requirements of the environment you work in, visit or work near.

Signet’s range of personal protective equipment (PPE) will ensure you can find the right items for your work environment including safety glasses, goggles, ear plugs and muffs, helmets and respirators in addition to a selection of protective wear. 

Safety Glasses for eye protection in hazardous areas
As protecting your eyes can require a specific pair of safety glasses, Signet stocks both bollé safety brand and UniSafe brand glasses. The bollé safety collection includes lightweight glasses, anti-fog and scratch varieties, glasses with rubber nose pads and temple tip inserts, glasses that meet Australian standards and a range of colours and styles.
  • bollé Hustler
  • bollé Sidewinder
  • bollé Prism
  • bollé Voodoo
  • bollé Hurricane
  • bollé Blade
The UniSafe range also includes glasses with anti-scratch and fog lenses, glasses in a wrap-around style, polycarbonate frames, UV protection, and glasses that meet Australian standards with a variety of colours and styles available. 
  • UniSafe Pantera
  • UniSafe Buster
  • UniSafe Ecko
  • UniSafe Eylite
  • UniSafe Wolf
  • UniSafe Ulan
  • UniSafe Savanah
Goggles for advanced eye protection
Goggles are another important piece of eyewear as they protect a larger area around the eye from hazards. Signet stocks both a UniSafe and bollé brand alternative: both meet Australian Standards and are lightweight and ‘splash’ approved. The bollé Blast Safety Goggle is fitted with a mouth guard for additional protection and has an elasticated head band for added comfort. The UniSafe 700 Series Goggle has a clear, vented and anti-fog lens and is shaped to fit most prescription glasses.

Ear Protection for loud work environments
Ear protection is available in many different types to meet user preferences and cater for diverse environments:
  • 3M E-A-R Soft Metal Detectable Ear Plugs
  • 3M 1270 Reusable Ear Plugs
  • 3M 1310 Banded Hearing Protection
  • 3M Ear Plug Dispenser & Refills
  • 3M 1100 Uncorded Disposable Ear Plugs
  • 3M 1110 Corded Disposable Ear Plugs
  • UniSafe Corded/Uncorded Ear Plugs
  • 3M 1426 Economical Earmuff
  • 3M 1436 General Purpose Earmuff
  • UniSafe UniTune AM/FM Radio Earmuff
  • UniSafe Economy Earmuff
  • UniSafe ZONE 2 NG Earmuff
Helmets for head protection in dangerous areas
There are two types of helmets designed for user comfort and balance: vented and non-vented. Both types are certified to AS/NZS 1801:1997, are UV stabilized and are made from ABS plastic for durability. The helmets are contoured over ears to allow for fitting of cap attached to earmuffs and have an adjustable head band to provide perfect fit. Signet can also custom print safety helmets if you’d like to promote your company’s brand.

Respirators for protection from particles
Respirators are a specialised item that is designed to protect against specific environments and particles. Signet offers a variety from trusted brands Scott, UniSafe and 3M which protect the wearer from particles including solids, liquids and gases. This range includes full face options, half face options, and disposable respirators.

These PPE items are just the start of personal safety – it is important to also wear the correct protective clothing. Signet stocks protective boots, vests, freezer wear, aprons, overalls and wet weather wear.
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